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100% Profits to Charity

Extrasensory Devices was founded in 2011 in the heart of Silicon Valley. Extrasensory Devices launched several successful Kickstarter campaigns and was growing in terms of product sales, but wanted to do more to give back to the world at large. There is so much outsized prosperity locally in Silicon Valley and such great need globally.  Inspired by Paul Newman’s Own, Extrasensory Devices has committed to giving away all of its profits to charitable causes.

Extrasensory Devices now uses all its profits to support nonprofit organizations through Makers4Good gives to many organizations with a focus on education everywhere, and in impoverished regions a focus on access to Energy for safety, light, education, and health. Below are some of the nonprofits that Extrasensory Devices supports.

Extrasensory Devices is making technology more accessible to everyone through the following philanthropic campaigns.

Current GIVING Campaigns

Past GIVING Campaigns