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DJ Toaster

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Mic-enabled Binaural Mono Splitter for Portable Devices

Enables use of a mic input with two binaural mono channels.

The Toaster is designed to work with DJ apps which use the left and right stereo audio outputs to instead send two distinct binaural mono channels, 'house', and 'cue'. The microphone input is bundled with the 'cue' channel so the use of the microphone input is preserved.

Works great with DJ apps like "djay" by Algoriddim

Male 4-pin TRRS 3.5mm Combo Audio Input/Output
Female 4-pin TRRS 3.5mm Combo Audio Input/Output* *Binaural Mono
Female 3-pin TRS 3.5mm Stereo Audio Output* *Binaural Mono 

*Compare to the Griffin DJ Cable

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Extrasensory Devices | UPC: 799493389005

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