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Luxi 4

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Luxi 4 is a diffusion dome that fits securely over your iPhone 4(S) front-facing camera.

When attached and used with a light meter app, Luxi™ will help you determine the best settings for your DSLR or other camera so that you can take perfectly exposed pictures.

For iPhone 5 see Luxi 5. For iPhone 6(+), iPod, iPad, and Android devices, see Luxi For All

Dave Johnson, writing for Macworld:

If you don’t have a light meter yet, Luxi gets you get in the game for less than a tenth the cost of a traditional one–and the accuracy is superb, delivering the same kind of results you’d get from a “real” meter. full article

Luxi is a registered trademark of E S Devices

Extrasensory Devices | UPC: 0804551334146

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