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The Backbeater™ Sensor is secured under your drum's tensioning rod, and connects to your iOS device.

Connector: 3.5mm 4-pin Combo Audio

Cable: 36" Shielded

Built for iOS devices, the Backbeater™ is an easy-to-use tempo monitoring sytem for percussionists. To use the Backbeater™ drum sensor you need an iOS device and

The Backbeater™ App has the following features

  • Analog (dial), or digital readout tempo display
  • 4 different tempo averaging windows
  • Drift indicators, to show how much your last strike varied from your average tempo
  • Built-in optional metronome, with three different sounds
  • Time signature selection, for musically-correct tempo readout
  • Screen-tap tempo read-out for discreet feedback without striking drum
  • Improved sensitivity adjustment, to select for playing dynamics
  • Access to iPod library from within app, for playing along to songs
  • Metrics to log accuracy, and optionally upload to Backbeater.com leaderboard!

More information is available on the Backbeater™ website, Backbeater.com

If you're in the USA you also have the option to:


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